• Skills
    • I am imbued with creative spirit and artistic talent.
    • I have considerable ability in institutional graphic design
    • I have an enterprising and proactive vision
    • I practice motivational leadership and intelligent communication
    • I am skilled with music and musical instruments
    • I am a skilled composer
    • I am a skilled copywriter.
    • I am proficient in strategic planning
    • I consider myself flexible, resilient and adaptable to different situations and environments
    • Skillful developer of strategic relationships
    • Skilled in business management
  • Academic background
    • 2016 International Certification SOAR
      Identification of Personality and Communication Profiles
    • 2012/2014 ESPM
      MBA in Communication and Marketing
    • 2011 SEVEN
      Illustrator Training, Adobe Indesign, Photoshop, Web Interface, Macromedia Dreamweaver, Flash Animated, Game Design, Flash Game, Autodesk Maya, Premiere, Encoder, After Effects, Digital Design.
    • 2007/2010 SENAI RJ
      Training in Graphic Design by Centro de Artes Gráficas SENAI RJ
    • 2005/2009 Universidade Estácio de Sá.
      Business Administration
    • 2003/2007 Villa Lobos Music School.
      Music and Instrument
    • 2001/2003 Universidade Estácio de Sá.
      Law – 5 full periods
    • 1997/1999 CEFLU – College of Application of Faculty.
      Technician in Business Administration
    • 1995/1997 JGCM School Of Music.
      Contemporary Music – Electric Guitar
    • 1992/1993 Drawing Workshop Daniel Azulay
      Artistic Drawing and Illustration
  • 2010 - Ceo / Art Director - TRIBO

    Position: Creative CEO
    Period: 2010 – Present

    After a long journey of work related to marketing, creation and communication departments, working in companies in the segments of telephony, tourism, insurance and health plans, working on projects to create corporate identity programs, products from various areas, internet marketing, web design, web design, print advertising of different types, models and materials, after capitalizing on a good relationship with the market and valuable experiences in several projects in the graphic creation and production segments, I faced the challenge of founding Tribocom Grup, or Tribo de Comunicação, agency of creation, design and publicity.

    In eight (8) years, we had the pleasure of attending projects of companies and government entities such as: Furnas, Aeronáutica, Marinha, Hotel Association, Rio Convention & Visitors Bureau, Expression Drugstore Network, Hotel Protel Network, Group Garcia de Hoteles, Federal Fluminense University, and many others.

    As creative director of the agency I have the happiness to participate directly in projects linked to:

    • Audiovisual production for documentaries
    • Script and direction for filming
    • Creation and development of institutional websites for companies
    • Visual Identity Program
    • Brand / Company or Product
    • Trademark Applications and Usage Manual
    • Illustrations
    • Creation / design of products and packaging
    • Creation and publishing of printed matter, manuals, newspapers and magazines
    • Graphic production of institutional leaflets, publicity pieces, billboards and indor
    • Consulting for company names and brands
    • Formatting and commercialization of web advertising spaces
    • Web Content Management Contracts
    • Digital marketing management contracts for social networks
    • Management of email marketing campaigns
    • Signage projects for companies, hotels and condominiums
    • Creation of Advertising Campaigns
    • Commercial itineraries
    • Campaign Slogans
    • Internet Vignettes
    • Print Ads
    • Engineering Planning for briefing, flowchart, wireframes
    • Creation and usability for web interfaces, systems and newsletter
    • IT Development for PHP / NET / ASP / CSS / JS /. E-commerce. CMS. Flash. Action Script
    • Digital Marketing for Social Media, Google Adwords and SEO
    • Analytics-based results and strategies
    • Promotional media in its different formats


    • Aeronautics
    • Navy
    • Furnas
    • Protel Hotel Network
    • ABIH-RJ – Brazilian Hotel Industry Association
    • Brazilian Telecommunications Association
    • Rio Convention and Visitors Bureau
    • Brazilian Society of Angiology and Vascular Surgery
    • Asanp – Association of ANP Servers
    • Insurance Brokers Club of the State of Rio de Janeiro
    • Vacation Specials
    • Hotel Rio Design | Copacabana
    • Terms & Conditions | Galleon
    • Union of Hoteliers of the State of Rio de Janeiro
    • SindHotels – RJ
    • Tiffany’s Ipanema – Residence Service
    • Mc Flats Group
    • I call Telecom
    • M + – Legal Advice
    • Azzurra Insurance
    • Pedro Mello Insurance
    • Drugstores Expression
    • Vhia Health Health Plan Management
    • Becape Industrial Automation
    • Faloo – Social Technologies
    • Prime Security
    • Jungle Gym Brazil
    • Ox Environmental
    • Newfoundland Social and Environmental Projects
    • RNV Sustainability Projects
    • ABRAÇÃO – Associação Luiz Ramos Natan Stamfater
    • Flamaster – Flamengo Masters Team
    • Capim – Green Seal
    • Promove Group
    • Primor Charges
    • Australia Logistics
    • IZIBOX – Self Storage
    • Systems Log
    • Cialar – Real Estate
    • Katia Chalita – Public Personality
    • Tottal Life – Nutrigenomic Supplements
  • 2015 - Marketing Director- Ação Jovem Brasil

    Company: Ação Jovem Brasil
    Position: Marketing Director 
    Period: 2015 – 2017
    My mission was to make the NGO’s electronic communication channels reach relevant numbers to make the entity an authority on Citizen Education, as well as promoting citizenship through the generation and dissemination of the Parliamentary Transparency Index, which, after our actions, was replicated in several cities, such as: Brasília, São Paulo, Belo Horizonte and Rio Grande do Sul. In our communication and marketing actions it was possible to establish bridges with public and private schools to promote lectures on relevant in which we work with the recovery of the basic values ​​of a strong and sustainable society in Brazil. We leave as a legacy, the chance of the Citizen Education grid to incorporate the school curricula of middle schools. In addition, we developed the application Tô de Olho, already downloaded by thousands of people in Brazil. This application was created with the goal of making the Parliamentary Transparency Index accessible to everyone who uses a mobile device such as smartphones and tablets.

  • 2014 - Marketing Director - Instituto Manguezais

    Company: Instituto Manguezais
    Position: Marketing Director
    Período: 2014 – 2015
    I was responsible for developing the communication actions of the institute focused on environmental education and the rescue of typically mangrove areas in the Barra da Tijuca and Jacarepaguá regions. I was responsible for structuring three events of photographic exhibitions focusing on the transformation of mangrove areas as a result of human actions that have a significant impact on the environment. Together with my team, we design the visual identity, establish the persona of the Mangrove Institute, its communication style and communication and marketing material. We act positively in actions that have publicized the projects promoted by the Institute, especially those related to environmental education. In partnership with private companies, and with the sympathy of the city council of the city of Rio de Janeiro, we promote visits in mangrove areas leading students from public schools to learn about the biodiversity of areas embraced by the residential communities of Barra da Tijuca, Recreio dos Bandeirantes and Jacarepaguá. Due to the positive repercussion we achieved, it was possible to reach the involvement of private companies in environmental education initiatives and biome recovery practices in these regions.

  • 2013 - Comunication Director - ABTELECOM

    Company: ABTELECOM – Associação Brasileira de Telecomunicações
    Position: Diretor de Criação
    Period: 2013 – 2015
    For 2 years I was responsible for repositioning the communication of the entity, aligning the need to rescue the importance of an entity with more than 70 years of existence and its historical achievements in promoting research and technological advances in the telecommunications market, with opportunities to connect business and opportunities in Brazil, Latin America and Europe. As Communications Director, my responsibility was to modernize communication tools. We select excellent professionals in the fields of institutional design, electronic communication and social networks. We have the support of geography and advertising students to promote our message. I led a team of ten professionals and five students with the goal of re-learning the importance of the entity, making it a reference in the telecommunications market as a source of research and business opportunities. One of our great accomplishments during this period was the promotion of the launching project for the first geostationary satellite of defense and strategic communications, recently launched in orbit, on 04 May 2017. This project had our support of communication and marketing to gain notoriety and happen.

  • 2012 - Memories - III COMAR FAB

    Company: Brazilian Air Force – III COMAR
    Position: Director of Criation
    Period: 2012
    We were responsible for the consolidation of the Memo Book Project, led by Major Edson of the III COMAR. Our work consisted in creating the visual identity of the project, typographic study, definition of style, research and selection of photography, diagramming and supervision of printing and assembly of the art gallery. The Memórias project was exhibited for 3 years and had our art support throughout the period.

  • 2010 - Escola Nossa Praia - Furnas

    Company: FURNAS
    Position: Diretor de Criação
    Period: 2010

    I was responsible for creating the name and the concept of the art of the Social Action project of Furnas, a Brazilian energy company. We call the project Our School Beach. The project consisted in transforming the need to increase conservation and ecology practices in the school curricula of public schools in the South Zone of the city of Rio de Janeiro. From the materials generated by this project, we list:

    • Communication Consulting
    • Name
    • Brand and visual identity
    • Communication material
    • Flyer Flyers
    • Log book
    • Documentary Footage
    • Art direction
    • Movie direction
  • 2006 - Christian Community Semente do Amanhã

    Company: Christian Community Semente do Amanhã
    Position: Volunteer as Sector Supervisor, Art Director, Creative Director, Musician and Speaker
    Period: 2006 – 2012

    One of the greatest experiences I’ve had in developing potentials and skills, especially strong relationships and relationships, leadership by motivation, creativity and that by the obvious, communication is meant to touch people.

    As I walked through the Christian Seed Christian Community of Tomorrow, I was responsible for creating the brand’s design and visual identity for the entity and for all seasonal events. I composed a Christmas musical with seven songs called “Welcome King” and an Easter musical called “He Lives Eternally” also with seven songs. I composed event songs for parents, children and free themes. I participated in the making of plays and as an actor. I lectured on leadership, communication, and Christian design. I led the organization’s art and creation team for four years. I was responsible for implanting cells, or life group, in underprivileged communities of the South Zone of Rio de Janeiro, actively participating in the recovery of people with problems with drugs and with the practice of crimes. I have trained dozens of people to multiply a good message of hope. I ran five cell leaders and supervised 21 cells in needy communities.

    Developed roles:

    • Theater actor
    • Musician
    • Composer
    • Editor
    • Cell Leader
    • Speaker
    • Project Manager
    • Art director
    • Creative director
  • 2006 - Art Director - Infinite Card (Clube de Vantagens)

    Company: Infinite Card (Clube de Vantagens)
    Position: Art Director
    Period: 2006 – 2009
    I developed visual communication projects in partnership with Estácio de Sá University, focusing on the students of the institution. We created the Clube de Vantagens brand and the entire visual communication device for the product, that is, presentation portfolios, slide screens, email marketing campaigns, flyers and folders, business cards and information books. After two years I went to Full Art Director, led a team with a junior art directors and five other graphic designers, creating and developing the art directions that fueled the institutional and commercial communication of the Clube de Vantagens.

  • 2003 - Graphic Designer - Freelancer

    Company: Graphic Designer as Freelancer
    Position: Graphic Designer
    Period: 2003 – 2004

    I served advertising agencies in Rio de Janeiro such as Skdun, Pandé, Pulse, DMD7 and in São Paulo as Manga, Spice Design and Granza Design, developing: art direction for campaigns, printed for magazines, newspapers and billboards. I participated in the creation of product packaging for brands such as Nestlé, Dove and Gillete, I participated in the creation of print ads for Reef and Quiksilver.

  • 2000 - Supervisor - TELEMAR

    Company: TELEMAR – Empresa de Telefonia Telemar 
    Position: Supervisor
    Period: 2000 – 2002

    After going through the communication and marketing department, and developing important roles in the communication and customer service departments, I was integrated with the company’s supervisors to carry out the work of developing product telemarketing service teams for six months. I passed the retention department and then the technical support department as a team supervisor. After twelve months, I returned to the communication and marketing department invited by my regional director to take on the role of junior supervisor of communication and marketing, where it was possible to develop campaigns and elements to support marketing and advertising campaigns, working directly with contracted agencies , serving in the fields of creation, art, publicity writing and commercial texts.

  • 1999 - Communication Trainee - TELERJ

    Company: TELERJ – Company of Telecomunication of the State of the Rio de Janeiro
    Position: Communication Trainee
    Period: 1999 – 2000

    I have developed several activities related to institutional communication aimed at meeting the demands of the department of marketing and endomarketing of the company. I was assistant to the regional director of communication and marketing. I developed skills in the areas of institutional relationship, supervision of teams and training for customer service. I spent a period of four months in the telemarketing department, I knew the customer service systems and I participated in the transition to new technologies. I participated as an assistant in the training of new service teams.

  • 1996 - 25/5000 Communication Assistant

    Company: Insurance Associates
    Position: Communication Assistant
    Period: 1996 – 1998

    During this period, I developed several activities related to advertising writing, art for magazine ads, newspapers and art illustrations for the dissemination of lectures by members.

  • 1994 - Photographic Revelation Assistant - Cintia Foto

    Company: Cíntia Foto
    Position: Photographic Revelation Assistant and Minilab
    Period: 1993 – 1995

    This was one of my first professional experiences, where I learned a lot about the fundamentals of photography, color and colorization. As a photo development assistant and mini-lab, I received training courses to recognize colors and their spectra, lighting, films, chemistry, and photographic development processes. It was also an excellent field for developing advertising skills, opening commercial call texts for the company’s stores and creating the advertising displays for products and promotions.

  • Awards and Nominations

    Award: Top XXI Design Brasil
    Year: 2015
    Category: Branding
    Project: Reposicionamento da marca para o restaurante Sabor & Fé


    Award: Destaque Carioca’s Trophy
    Year: 2014
    Category: Featured
    Project: Creation of the Personalized Brand in Celebration to the 450 years of the city of Rio de Janeiro


    Award: Wave Fesival in Rio
    Year: 2014
    Category: Graphic Design
    Project: Nestlé Fitness Pack


    Award: A’ Design Awards & Competition
    Year: 2012
    Category: Graphic Design and Visual Communication
    Project: Visual Identity System – Rio Design Hotel


  • Lectures and Seminars

    Event: Recomendo em USA
    Year: 2017
    Lecture: Brand or Draw? How to build a valuable brand starting with your logo.


    Event: Large Thinking Businesses
    Year: 2015
    Lecture: Small Business Large Design. How to make your business more evident using design as a strategic communication tool.


    Event: Design Culture Talks
    Year: 2014
    Lecture: Content Design for Digital Media. How to set up your art direction.


    Event: Business Meeting – The Force of Creativity in Tourism of the Rio
    Year: 2014
    Lecture: Using Strategic Design to Extend Business Value


    Event: Christian Design
    Year: 2013
    Lecture: Christian Design. Learn from who does.


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